Opportunities and threats for Iran to enter the blockchain technology market

NikZadSoheil Nikzad
Marketing Director at PersianGIG.com

Bitcoin and Blockchain technology at a glance

If we are asked how much we trust somebody, the answer would probably be a collection of sentences which expresses our mental estimations about his/her possible reactions in different situations. Now if the question is solely about financial issues, we would be able to determine a specific monetary amount so that his/her honesty and truth could be trustable in less amounts. Now picture an algorithm allowing us to put a part of your trust towards somebody in a pyx, lock it with a key without worrying about any leakage and deliver it to your trustee so he/she can trust on the first audience based on your trust. This way a considerable amount of existing trust among people in small and/or large social networking communities will stream as specified volumes of wealth, commodity, consensus or any other exchangeable valuable roles flow. Thus people can trade, measure, protect or transfer a part of valuable phenomena, which they trust their credibility, in deals. We may lose just a little bit of technical details if we say Bitcoin and its newborn virtual currency family are working like this. Continue reading “Opportunities and threats for Iran to enter the blockchain technology market”