Iran’s Banking IT Companies programs for FinTech startups

Shahab Javanmardi CEO of Fanap co. several times has said that once Fanap was a startup company that today is transformed into a large one. When they started, the term startup was not common in Persian language and traditional notion of large state-owned companies. Trading was active in the private sector, according to an unwritten rule, production was transferred to the public sector, but turn that information technology was the next two largest state-owned companies, also began slowly properties. “System Group” were almost the first Company that began in the late 1970s. Although the people in private companies could establish good interaction with characters, apparently attributes FinTech startups have in the future and try to understand the current direction of Iran FinTech, have a stake in it. This is exactly the process that took Fintech the world’s major banks to start-up and instead is opposed to the idea of interaction. However, it seems that banks are ahead of bank information technology companies, and currently there is no place in this arena is not banked. TrigUp presentation ceremony was held in the past week. This report will look at the four companies and their attempt to Fintech startups. Continue reading “Iran’s Banking IT Companies programs for FinTech startups”

English version of takes off

That’s it, finally after six years of running in Persian language we decided to run the English version of it. is a six-year-old Persian online media which is focused on e-banking, e-payment and recently also on fintech. Fortunately way2pay could find its way and influence through experts and businesses in these fields in Iran and many other online and paper media in Iran quote its content in their reports.

English version of takes off
English version of takes off / a screen form persian

During all these years we were asked that why we don’t have an English version of way2pay so as that foreigners could access to the content. What made us hesitate running an English version of it was that we didn’t want English way2pay to be a translated version of the Persian one. We wanted to start producing content from the starting point for foreigner audience, not just translate what was produced for Iranian audience.

Now we are ready to show the world that what’s happening in Iran in electronic banking, electronic payment and fintech. English way2pay is a chance for Iranian market and businesses to start dealing with the world.

In the coming days, check our reports for Iran banking and payment system.

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