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Iran’s FinTech Media

Way2pay.ir was founded in 2009 as the first online media in Persian language to produce all kinds of contents dedicatedly for e-Payment, e-Banking & FinTech industry.

not only another Media

Now, after more than 6 years of activity, by 250,000 unique visits monthly way2pay.ir is not only the most seen and most visited media in Iran in e-payment and e-banking, But also the third most-visited online media in Banking and Economic field.

FinTech’s Network of Iran

What makes way2pay something more than just an online media, is it network of businesses and experts which get connected to each other through way2pay channels. Moreover, way2pay has published the most known books in Persian language about e-Payment and e-Banking. Besides, Way2pay is most known for its analytic reports and articles and a good source for latest news.

News and Views

Opportunities and threats for Iran to enter the blockchain technology market

Soheil Nikzad Marketing Director at PersianGIG.com Bitcoin and Blockchain technology at a glance If we are asked how much we trust somebody, the answer would probably be a collection of sentences which expresses our mental estimations about his/her possible reactions in different situations. Now if the question is solely about financial issues, we would be …