Iran’s Banking IT Companies programs for FinTech startups

Shahab Javanmardi CEO of Fanap co. several times has said that once Fanap was a startup company that today is transformed into a large one. When they started, the term startup was not common in Persian language and traditional notion of large state-owned companies. Trading was active in the private sector, according to an unwritten rule, production was transferred to the public sector, but turn that information technology was the next two largest state-owned companies, also began slowly properties. “System Group” were almost the first Company that began in the late 1970s. Although the people in private companies could establish good interaction with characters, apparently attributes FinTech startups have in the future and try to understand the current direction of Iran FinTech, have a stake in it. This is exactly the process that took Fintech the world’s major banks to start-up and instead is opposed to the idea of interaction. However, it seems that banks are ahead of bank information technology companies, and currently there is no place in this arena is not banked. TrigUp presentation ceremony was held in the past week. This report will look at the four companies and their attempt to Fintech startups.

Fanap and TrigUP

FanapFanap with cafe IT and TrigUP tried to take his share of the market for startups. Various events held in cafe IT that is almost rosary string them all technology and business. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin topics such as the future of technology and also studied at the cafe It. October Fanap also accelerated the cycle of innovative business ideas to support the ICT-related ideas began.

Tosan and Hackaton

tosanTosan first private company investing in IT banking success to date has gained considerable too. Tosan these days are looking for more than a thousand branch banks is traditionally the largest state-owned bank customer in ISC Co. are software services. Tosan banking software company that was the first event where Fintech startups have tried in space. October TosanBoom tried to hold hackathon event called Iranian talents in a competitive environment to benchmark. the hackathon is a way to enter the “TosanBoom” or the App Store Tosan, such as Fanap TrigUp a lot of companies have created over the years and their main goal of the event was to discover new talents who can enrich their value chain and be stronger. Homayon Mahbobi, executive director of the TosanBoom had said previously about the event: “The important thing is that this first event will be held based on the actual services and even online services, electronic banking, there was no prototype. In the three days, Tosan support partners provide a realistic environment for participants and teams with real data, financial transactions were conducted on the environment and integrated system of banking transactions and accounting records in Banco to be passed.”

ISC and InBank2

Informatics-Service-CorporationISC is Iranian state-owned bank the largest IT services company. government and due to the fact that many infrastructure systems, such as SHETAB and support SHAPARAK move a little innovation, but these precautions are not mandatory, they would be indifferent to the innovations. They held December event InBank2. This event by the ISC and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty of Tehran University 26 to 28 December in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Tehran University was held. The great thing about Tosan Events and ISC Award of the top teams is significant about this award as it reached 10 thousand USD. ISC InBank is defined as “a day of InBank series of events that will be held by the company in which social informatics service of the owners of ideas from academia and industry, come together around innovation in electronic banking. The aim of the events, gathering huge reserves of creativity and Ideation among academics and industry professionals in the field of electronic banking and e-banking firm age and link it with full body in Iran. At the event in a friendly atmosphere and exciting ideas with the services, products, tools and related systems, banking technologies were raised by the audience and the bank due to its sovereignty umbrella position on all the ideas from all sectors will be eligible wide.

eFarda and finova

eFardaIt’s eFarda that one of the subsidiaries of the Ayandeh Bank and Technology Park campus has done many efforts to grow the ecosystem of FinTech startups. In between all 4 companies which were included in the report, regarding eFarda working environment than the rest of us have to learn mental space that reminds of startups. Its eFarda tried to be innovative style. Reinventing the Future “Finova” of February last year began at Amir Kabir University of Technology Tower. Its eFarda, previously with Lean Startup Machine event, launching joint cooperation and festival atmosphere in Tehran, were an approach in support of startup and continue the process, “Finova” was launched.

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