about Hamijoo an online crowdfunding site that aims to help Iranian artistic and film projects

Founded by Mohammad Noresi

Hamijoo is an online crowdfunding site that aims to help Iranian artistic and film projects – much like Indiegogo. In an economy struggling with international sanctions, Hamijoo tries to find an alternative way to support art and culture.

Its founder, Mohammad Noresi, is a 28-year-old graduate of biomedical engineering. He has previously worked on a number of failed tech startups but this latest project has quickly proved itself. Within two months of its launch, Noresi has had to taken on three new workers and is seeking to employ more staff.

Noresi says that more than 160 people have used Hamijoo to fund artistic projects so far. The five projects the site is currently collecting money for include a documentary by award-winning independent Iranian film-maker Mehrdad Oskouei. The film, called Daybreak Dreams, is the third instalment of a trilogy about children held in an Iranian juvenile rehabilitation centre. It took Oskouei seven years to obtain official permission to make the documentary, which is currently in post-production and has so far attracted 96m rials (around £2,000) from 23 different donors, 38% of the target.

Mohammad Noresi
Mohammad Noresi

Another project, a music album by Meysam Azad, has so far attracted 111 donations, a total of 20m rials (£400), 10% of its target. The big challenge, says Noresi, is that the Iranian diaspora who might like to participate have no means to transfer money to Iran because of the sanctions. “So many people have contacted us from outside Iran because they want to donate too but currently there is no way for them to transfer their money to us.”

Noresi will be travelling to Germany in June to participate in the iBridges conference, which is the biggest gathering of Iranian tech startups. It will be his first trip abroad ever and he hopes to meet big investors there.

source: the guardian

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