Iran Mobile Transactions (USSD) Statistics

USSD is the popular channel for mobile payment and mobile banking in Iran. but central bank of Iran will change the user experience of this channel from 22 September 2016. this report can give you some perspective about popular channel until September!

Iran Mobile Transactions (USSD) Statistics Based on statistics provided by the Central Bank of Iran Spring 2016.


This report provides statistics, facts and market data related to e-commerce in Iran. The data has been provided by ECM (E-Commerce Monitor) with statistics conducted by the Central Bank of Iran in the spring of 2016. The following report is exclusively distributed through TechRasa’s task is to expose the activities of Iran’s startup ecosystem with the vision of empowering and inspiring Iranian entrepreneurs. TechRasa aims to give startups the international exposure they need and to help promote Iranian entrepreneurs to become global stakeholders. The months and the years in this report are all associated with the Iranian calendar‌ since the data from the Central Bank of Iran was suited for the domestic use. Continue reading “Iran Mobile Transactions (USSD) Statistics”